Sunday, January 05, 2014

Thinking about Dancing

There's this woman-
     a goddess, really-

I like this,
     I realize.
The totality of her
is more than enough
for me,
but I will
 accept my gift.

Her presence
in my life
is my present
source of joy.

To think this
sense of fulfillment
came about
after a leisurely lunch,
savoring a shared flatbread 
with my enchanting companion,
inspiring me to be forward
with my intentions...

Only 37 days,
such a miniscule amount
of time together,
but oh, the wonders
she brings to my life!

I've had time to reflect
on our dance on New Year's Eve,
and now am confident,
that I can be her partner,
on the floor,
as well as wherever else
she will allow me to be.

2:55 PM Sunday, January 5, 2014 Farmington Hills 

Friday, December 13, 2013

"A Parting Glass" (Irish Farewell)

Now this is how you say goodbye to a friend:

Understand that you are more beautiful than you believe

This is an example of what most (if not all) of us succumb to, the fallacy of finding fault in ourselves where it does not exist.

Give yourself a chance.  You have so much to offer the world, so long as your thinking is not clouded with negativity.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

October 30, 2013

I have been mulling over the sense of loss I feel with Lou Reed no longer being with us.  Prolly my favorite musical artist since college days, I remember my wife buying me tickets to see him at the Royal Oak Music Theater for my birthday, and me declaring after the show that I never needed to see another concert as my musical goal had been met.
What brings this to mind today is listening to the Slows music system unexplicably play the Velvet's Black Angel's Death Song.  Wonderful symmetry occurs in this place.  Just earlier, I was musing about a Carlos Castaneda reference I had tried to explain to a former companion, about finding a PURPLE place, and now my rock 'n' roll idol's come on to the music system to further plunge me into a reflective funk.
Anythehoo, RIP Mr. Reed.  You certainly did stomp upon the terra.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Letter to LeeAnn #2

Hey, Kiddo.
It hit me tonight just how much we shared, listening to Simple Minds playing Don't You Forget About Me.  Remember how often that song played in our hotel room in Paris while we honeymooned on the Left Bank?  I need to look at our journal from that trip tonight, I think.
Your boys would do you proud, I believe.  Stephen has been in a stable relationship since his freshman year, far as I can figure.  Brian has turned out to be a polite, intelligent young man, although he needs to date.  Working on that.
I am dating a nice woman (a blonde, can you believe that?) who has three boys, so we have that in common.  I still really wish on a daily basis that you were here with me.  It is difficult to put 30 or so years behind me, but I do go on, tough as it is.
Brian and I are doing well at the house, and taking care of Mitch.  I thought for sure he was a goner about 2 weeks ago, but that little shithead has more lives than a litter of cats.  His goiter has burst, but that seems to have inspired him.  I was all set to find him still and lifeless, but there are no graves to dig today.  Or anytime soon, it appears.
I've dated several women since you left me alone, and four that I would consider serious relationships.  One just faded away, one went on for a long while but wasn't going where I wanted and I guess I forced her away.  The third was batshit crazy, but I didn't pick that up initially.  Now on #4 and very happy.  Not so sure I ever want to marry again...what if Jesus was correct and you meet all your wives in heaven?  Then again, not much chance of that for me, but still...
I still prefer your family to mine, for the most part.  Going on the Hofstad fishing trip this summer was special.  Your boys made a special effort to connect with your dad and that was why I wanted to do the event.  Time well spent.
Not to be morbid, but your gravesite is lovely.  So glad you could rest near your Mom in the Lake Nebagamon Cemetary.  I hope spreading part of your ashes on the shore meets with your approval; just seemed the right thing to do.
I still dream that you are with me.  Not as often, but talking with my friend Olin, don't think that will ever end.  I know that makes little sense to you, but it matters to me to put it into written form.
I will write again soon.
Your Dr. Woo

Monday, July 29, 2013

I Don't Do Crazy

I Don't Do Crazy

Over the top
180 degree rotations

Not at all
what I want from my summer
Let's just take a step back
recall what was good
and go on our separate

You had me
until the chain was broken.
Glitter on the floor mat
a reminder
of broken vows,
failed endeavors.

I see now
how foolish I was,
what my friends
attempted to tell me.

No time for this,
I have other plans.
You have written yourself
out of my itinerary.

Be well.
Just not with me.

Farmington, MI  7.29.13 10:30 AM

Sunday, July 21, 2013



Morning light
breaks thru
last night's storm clouds

You sigh,
roll over,
and the sheet
leaves your body.

I drink in your beauty
with my eyes
adoring you
listening to your
soft, slow breathing

I move stealthily
my lips
trail along your
delicate curves
tasting the salty
remnants of last night's

We matched the
Gods' exhortations
with our own
collapsing before dawn

I recall gathering you near,
then nothing 'til now
Love's amnesia
erasing any dreams

I prefer this
waking pleasure
until you rouse.

July 20, 2013 8:25 PM Detroit, MI

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I offer her praise
describing her attributes
calling her:

I adorn her
with my words
as does the fine chain
about her neck
dangling a pendant
that draws my eyes
to her exquisite throat

She demurs my accolades,
rolling her eyes,
only grudgingly accepting
my gestures and words

Her mellifluous voice
encourages me
to demonstrate
my adoration
          a gentle kiss
          a tender touch
          a more passionate nibble
at her silken flesh

As my fingers caress
her desire becomes evident
A more sensual application
of lips to pale skin
leads to encouragement
I proceed unhurriedly
savoring her treasures
imagining the pleasures
that await
Someday and soon

July 17, 2013 9:35 AM EDT Farmington Hills, MI