Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Megatron's No-Catch

Anyone who has read this blog for a while knows I play fantasy sports.  The degree of my involvement has grown over the years from my first auto-drafted Yahoo league to now, where I am in 27 fantasy football leagues this season.  Even if I had Calvin Johnson on all my teams (I have him on a significant number this year, to be sure), I don't think I would get this upset (WARNING:  BAD LANGUAGE.  NSFW.):

I am all about passionate intensity
/rereads Willam Butler Yeats The Second Coming/
but this is a bit over the top.
Mitch Albom of the Freep has a more reasoned take on the incident, if you are interested.
And...for a even better analysis of the controversy, take a look at Eric Huber's article on Fantasy Sharks.com.  As an attorney, I appreciate the way he analyzed the rules involved.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Handwriting analysis

It was my birthday, and my long time bartender and good friend Barbara had given me a birthday card.  It had a picture of a squirrel with an enormous scrotum on the cover, and made a joke about nuts inside.  She had included a handwritten note, which I thought was extremely touching.  I set it aside after reading it, and went back to making notes on the margins of the fantasy football newsletter I was reading.  The notes were for myF4PB (also know as Snowy Biscuit).  Barb came down and asked, "Could you read my note?"
"Of course."
"I have such bad handwriting," she complained.
"Don't be silly.  You write very well.  My handwriting, on the other hand, is awful.  Here," I said, turning my printout toward her.  "Look at this."
She took the paper and started reading out loud what I had just written about a head coach.  "That bald-headed sack of shit motherfu..."
"Umm, maybe the comment above that one?  At least, if you're gonna read it out loud."
She laughed.  "OK, your handwriting is worse.  But mine is bad, too."
"If that makes you happy."
A number of years ago I had made a New Year's resolution not to argue with Barbara, which had made life much easier, and I saw no reason to break it now.