Wednesday, March 09, 2011

2011 MLB Tiered Cheatsheet

Part of the reason I put together my projections database and the resulting spreadsheet is to create this Tiered Cheat Sheet for use during fantasy baseball drafts.  The first version of the Cheat Sheet is now ready for download from several locations, namely:
Google Docs
Offfice Live
Buckaroo's Ballers Fantasy Sports website

Feel free to visit any of the three sites and get your own version of the drafting tool.  Make sure you check back for updates, too.  The date of last modification is just below the key to the left of the sheet.

Monday, March 07, 2011

2011 MLB Projections

My projections spreadsheet is up and ready for downloading.  It's huge (3.1 MB), so I had to save it to Office Live here.  I also saved it to Google Docs here.  My suggestion is to go to one of the links, and download the actual spreadsheet, then open it in Excel.  I created it in Excel 2007, but if you cannot open it, send me an e-mail at iganderson at and I will see if I can upload a copy in Excel 2003 format.  No promises on that front, however, since I am not certain all the formulas will carry backwards to the older format.
No need to pay attention to the AVE and SD columns, or for that matter, the Z columns.  The Stat columns (e.g., HR or ERA) are the averages of all the projections I used in creating the spreadsheet.
Next up:  a tiered cheat sheet.  But that is for another day.

Auction Values

You can see my auction values spreadsheet here or here.
Or if the embedding works, you can look at it below.  Office Live is acting kinda wonky lately, so you are prolly better off clicking one of the links above.  Viddy well, my droogies.