Monday, November 23, 2009

Failed Exercise

Failed Exercise

Other issues
should take precedence
Yet I continually return
to this minor annoyance.
I find myself
exactly how this situation
came to be,
asking what other path
would have avoided
the disaster.

Running over my
neighborhood streets,
I repeatedly rehash
the stimulus & response,
searching for other avenues
that were not pursued,
taking my mind off
the occasional hip and calf pain
as I stride along,
pacing myself.

I dissect perceived mistakes
   (missteps taken)
Strict objectivity is
impossible, but
subjective interpretation
a lack of comprehension.

Chalk it up to
divergent interests,
misunderstood motives,
misperceived intentions
All leading to
a breakdown of communication.
Intended assistance
Deep-seated anger
destroying what was
and what could have been.

It is time
to move onward,
withdraw the
and mark it as
a failed exercise.

© Ivar G. Anderson 2009