Monday, February 23, 2009

Fantasy Baseball Information Sources

Fantasy Baseball Information Sources

1.    Fantasy Pros 911

2.    KFFL
        (good for football, too)

   3.  Mock Draft Central

   4.  CouchManagers

   5.  RotoTimes

   6.  RotoWorld

   7.  Sports Grumblings

   8.  Sport Fanatics

   9.  Crooked Pitch

10.    ESPN

      (Eric Karabell’s blog especially)

11.    CBS Sports

      (good basic cheatsheets)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

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Shaping Up

So, my youngest son had been bugging me to use our Y membership for a few months. I decided that his idea was worthwhile and we've been going to exercise 3 nights a week and on weekend afternoons. I was surprised that I could still run a mile without pause, altho' my first efforts were not real running, more like jogging. I used to get upset when I was running 10Ks at a sub 7 minute a mile clip and people would remark, "Oh, so you're a jogger, huh?"
"No," I'd patiently respond, "I run. Anything under 8 minutes a mile is running."
Yeah, pretty humbling to trudge along so slow now. I am happy to announce, however, that I can now approach a 9 minute mile pace, and last night was able to run an extra 3 laps at a 31 second pace (the indoor track at the Y takes 17 laps to make a mile).
I haven't overdone the weight lifting this time, either, and haven't felt that horrible pain in all my muscles 24 hours after a lifting session.
Brian is extremely interested in continuing our sessions, although he balks at the concept of disrobing in the open of the men's locker room, and doesn't appreciate the sauna the way I do after an exercise session. We both like to unwind in the whirlpool after finishing our workouts.
Brian and I even played a bit of racquetball last Sunday, but I realized early on that I had forgotten some of the rules (I've since refreshed my memory). I suspect it will take him a bit of practice to be competitive with even me, but so long as he is willing, I'll reserve a court every weekend and we'll bang the ball around for a half hour or so.
My goal is to run a local 5K race this spring (I'm thinking May would be a good time, but April is a possibility) and not totally embarrass myself by finishing last. I have 2 months to build up my endurance and lungs after about 8 years of basically sedentary living.

What Makes a Great Steakhouse

Here's a great post from Adam D. Robert's The Amateur Gourmet website. Since I am going to Michael Symon's new restaurant in the refurbished Book-Cadillac Hotel, Roast, in mid-March, it fits in nicely with my new-found desire to start updating this beast more often than once or twice a year.