Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fantasy Baseball Tools

I've been experimenting with Access databases and Excel spreadsheets as tools for drafting in fantasy baseball leagues. I've created a Two-Tiered Cheatsheet, as well as a compilation of the 2009 projections from PECOTA, CHONE, Oliver and Marcel (I realize only fantasy geeks will understand the references-just be advised that these are the four main stat projection services available). I weeded out what I don't normally look at in evaluating players and kept the rest for both pitchers and hitters.

I must express my deep affection and heart-felt thanks to my wife, Lee Ann, for her assistance in setting up the database for the Projections Compilation. I may have been able to fumble the database together after a few frustrating days of work, but she made it happen in a matter of hours.

I've saved all the spreadsheets to Google Docs (what a great service!) so anyone that is interested can download them for personal use. I also put a link to the spreadsheets in my articles on Fantasy Gameday for easy access.

Over the weekend, I also put together a spreadsheet for one of my readers who plays on CBS (formerly known as CBS Sportsline). I transferred all the projections from CBS's player pages to a spreadsheet, then wrote a formula to value those players based on the league settings for the reader's league. I think I could do this for any league at this point, but I doubt I'd use the CBS projections now that I have my own Projection spreadsheet. If anyone is interested, drop me a line and I'll see what I can put together.

Projections spreadsheet
Projections webpage
Two Tiered Cheatsheet spreadsheet
Two Tiered Cheatsheet webpage


Sean said...

Thanks for this spreadsheet - very well done - you just saved me a load of time. This is the best of its kind I could find on the web.

enentrup said...

Okay...I'm a BIG baseball fan, but new to Fantasy Baseball Leagues.

I'm in a ROTISSERIE league that still does things old school (on paper and/or via email attachments). I can't fathom that these guys are combing the box scores everyday, sifting their players' stats out of all the daily games.

Am I crazy to think I could use Bench Coach JUST for monitoring my SINGLE team? I'm not about to suggest I be the commissioner and route the whole league over to ESPN or Yahoo.

I just want a SINGLE LOCATION where I can watch my team's performance without having to manually comb through the box scores. Time permitting, I'll eventually add the other teams for comparative analysis, but right now, I have NO CLUE how my team's doing day to day.

Thoughts on the best solution?