Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Ochocinco: the voice of reason?

From NBC's PFT, quoting the imminently quotable Chad Ochocinco:

"If anyone else out there feels that Rex Grossman gives the Washington Redskins a better chance than Donovan McNabb to win a game with two minutes left on the clock," Ochocinco said, "they need to slap they selves."
All this because Mike Shanahan, the Redskins' head coach, tried to explain away his bizarre decision to bench his starting QB at the end of Sunday's game in Detroit against my hometown Lions in favor of the backup QB, "Sexy Rexy" Grossman.  Shanahan explained that McNabb lacked the cardiovascular fitness to run the two-minute drill.  Of course, I applaud the decision, since Grossman fumbled on the first snap from center, which led to Ndamukong Suh's stroll into the endzone while brushing off the attempted tackle of Santana Moss-see the video here.  I've railed against Shanahan in the past, most recently here on the FantasyGameday site (hey, check out our new, spiffy design!), but this act of desperation is a real reach.  Oh, well, helped the Lions get win number 2, so it's not all bad.
 UPDATE:  It now appears that the Redskins are working out JaMarcus that is beyond my capacity to comprehend.  At least he's apparently been cleared of the earlier codeine possession charges, or at least a grand jury failed to indict him on that charge.  Now that he's a model citizen, it would not be unexpected to read or hear about how he is "in the best shape ever during his NFL career."  I did read that he's dropped 35 pounds, but that doesn't exactly make him a svelte, elusive target for the defense to pursue-I predict that despite his tribulations, if he were to sign with another team, it would not be long before he regained his lackadaisical manner on and off the field. He still looks like a tub of goo, but I wish him and Mikey S. well.

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