Friday, January 28, 2011


I was talking with my wife the other day about the various hats I wear and the groups I belong to these days.  She joking brought up a designation I had developed when we were in our senior year at U of M-The BCA.  The acronym refers to the "Brahmin Class of America." If you are interested, the Wikipedia article about the Hindu caste Brahmin is here, but basically the Brahmin class was composed of the teachers, scholars and priests of Hindu society.  I was an arrogant young punk in college, I admit, even for a student at Michigan (I never really was insulted by Darryl Rogers "arrogant asses in Ann Arbor" comments, especially since he backed up his words).  But, I did and do believe that most college/university students do belong to the BCA, at least until graduation and stepping into the work-a-day world.  The time you lucky fortunate students spend studying, debating, philosophizing and enjoying yourselves should be one of the best of your lives, so enjoy your status while you can.  If anyone tries to tell you that being a scholar is a meaningless, trivial enterprise, just remember, membership in the BCA is a privilege and an honor to be savored.
I may write about this further, but at this point, I simply wanted to get it posted so I would not forget about one the groups I value my membership in, even if I was its founding member.

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