Saturday, April 09, 2005

Another Embarrassing Story

My friend was attempting to vacuum some dead ants from around the front door of his house. They just wouldn't suck up the hose. He suspected a clog and took a look down the hose. Couldn't see anything wrong. So, he puts one end up to his mouth, and blows. Problem was, he had the other end turned toward his face. All the stuff clogging the hose comes out in a big puff, leaving him covered in dust and yuck.
Ever done a toatally stupid thing that you could have avoided if you had just thought about your actions for one more moment? I know I have.

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DrWhom said...

I showed my friends the 'fire bottle'. What's the 'fire bottle'? A few drops of alcohol in a 5gal water bottle, in a darkened room, drop in a lit match. Amazing blue, swirling fire. After a few firings, smoke in the bottle must be cleared by blowing into the bottle. After one failed attempt, I leaned over the bottle to blow out the smoke, NOT NOTICING THE LITTLE BLUE FLAME ATOP THE NECK OF THE BOTTLE. The resulting blowtorch removed my facial hair, eyelashes & eyebrows, not to mention a lot of 'head hair". Stunk like HELL. My friends are still laughing...