Sunday, March 14, 2010

Target Rankings spreadsheet for fantasy baseball

Thanks to the efforts of Chris Spencer at Fantasy Baseball Trade Market, I have put together a Target Rankings spreadsheet based on my projections for the top 350 (actually, with the adjustments I made to the list, both are now 349) pitchers and batters in MLB for 2010.  The fun part about this tool is that it let's you rank your roster after a draft by selecting the players you drafted and with a simple SUM function, see how close you are to your leagues targets out of the gate.  You can then adjust your roster to adapt to the perceived deficiencies on your team.  Here is the link to a 10 team league and a 12 team league spreadsheet.  You can adjust the results by altering the values on the BB target worksheet, changing the number of  hitters and/or pitchers your league uses and of course, the target values you need to succeed.
Note: Both the 12 team and 10 team spreadsheets are available on Scribd, too.

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Chris Spencer said...


Everything looks good except the tBA and tOPS. It looks like you are dividing those numbers by the Target totals. Those 2 numbers should simply be the sdBA and sdOPS rounded to the nearest half decimal.

Also, when calculating the dOPS, you probably want to multiply the difference between the player's OPS and the Target Player's OPS by AB AND WALKS (or better yet, by PA). Batting average doesn't require walks to calculate, OPS does.

Hope that makes sense.