Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15th

Today is both a sad day and a day of celebration.  I am at Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin, to conduct my wife's memorial service and the interment of her cremains at a gravesite adjacent to her mother's burial place.  Lots of in-laws from this area will be in attendance, together with my delightful sister-in-law Joy, my father-in-law Wes and his wife, Dottie.  My two sons are here, Stephen and Brian, and Stephen's g/f Katy tagged along for the adventure.  Nothing fancy planned, just a few words from a local pastor, and then a chance for anyone that would like to express their thoughts about LeeAnn.
Following that, a picnic-style luncheon is planned at LeeAnn's cousin Karen's cabin, where we all can gather and reminisce about the departed.  I brought along the photoboards Dottie made up for the earlier memorial we held in May back in Michigan, and maybe I will post some photos from the day on Flicker-if so, expect a later update to this post with a link.  Or I could just embed them, I suppose.
Later tonight, I plan on scattering some of my wife's ashes here at the lake.  She so loved it here, it only seems appropriate.
Time to prepare.  More later(?)...
It's later, here's the Flicker link to the set of photos I uploaded this evening.  All the way through scattering the ashes at sundown today.

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